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August 28
SPTechCon PowerShell with SharePoint Online Links

Tuesday at SPTechCon I did my award winning (my mom’s awards count, right?) session on using PowerShell to manage SharePoint Online. There were a ton of links in there, so I thought I’d put them all in one convenient blog post for easier clicking.

Download SharePoint Online Management Shell

Windows Management Framework 3.0 (needed for Windows 7)

Save Encrypted Passwords to Disk with PowerShell

Microsoft Online Service Sign-On Assistant

Install Azure AD Module

SharePoint 2013 Client SDK

Using CSOM in PowerShell scripts with Office 365

Office 365 Patterns and Practices PowerShell cmdlets

These are the links as of today. They will probably end up being stale at some point as the tools are updated. Let me apologize in advance for that and offer up this adorable picture of a sad bear in apology:





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