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August 17
Podcast 257 - Flapping of Gums

In this week's podcast I gush some more about Jason and I's webinar on Microsoft Identity. Then I talk some more about the impending SharePoint 2016 beta that all of our mouths are watering over. Since that's not out yet I'm spending my time playing with Windows 10. I tell you some cool things that I've stumbled across there. I wrap things up by talking about a new gadget I've bought, and how I hope it doesn't bring down the mighty Klindt LAN.
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Podcast 257 - Flapping of Gums (Time 0_15_00;29)

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Transcription by CMSWire

Running Time: 31:16


05:58 - Making Sense of Microsoft Identities in a Hybrid World: Part 1 of 3
07:12 - The Hybrid On-ramp: Implementing Azure Active Directory Connect and More - Part 2 of 3
07:40 - The Hybrid On-ramp: Troubleshooting Hybrid Identity Issues - Part 3 of 3
10:06 - 5 Things to do before the SharePoint 2016 Beta Drops
11:54 - Microsoft releases free Windows 10 IoT Core for Raspberry Pi 2
17:26 - Buy Meegopad2
17:58 - Cortana can replace Google Now
20:28 - Microsoft's Project Astoria has leaked letting Windows 10 Mobile sideload Android APKs directly
24:48 - Shared Folder Sync is Now Available for (Almost) All OneDrive Users

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