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July 30
Podcast 255 - Killer Game of Solitaire

Tonight I'm all giddy with anticipation about the public Beta of SharePoint 2016. We talk a little about what it will and won't contain. Then I talk about Windows 10 and what to expect when it comes out. Finally I talk about a change I made to my mobile phone.

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Podcast 255 - Killer Game of Solitaire (Time 0_17_14;28)

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Transcription by CMSWire

Running Time: 45:25


06:58 - Making sense of Microsoft identities in a Hybrid World
10:30 - SharePoint 2016 beta next month
19:00 - Bill Baer's Tech Talk on ITUnity
42:48 - Mississippi PowerShell User Group
43:10 - SPTechCon
43:44 - SharePointalooza
44:03 - Devintersections

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Sharepoint 2016 Delayed

Devastated that Sharepoint 2016 was delayed until 2016 =(
 on 8/13/2015 11:14 PM

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