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July 29
Microsoft Identity Webinar Series

The last couple of years have been a rough time for us on-prem SharePoint Admins. We weren’t sure what the SharePoint future held for us. Was there going to be another on-prem version of SharePoint? (There is) Will we have to learn how to make good French fries? (I might) I believe I’ve seen the future, and its name is “Hybrid.” In order to make Hybrid environments work happily, your Identity house has to be in order. That’s where Jason Himmelstein and I come in. For the next three Thursdays (July 30th, August 6th, and August 13th, 2015) we’re doing a free, yes FREE webinar series called, Making Sense of Microsoft Identities in a Hybrid World at

Week 1 will be a lot of talking. We’ll cover where we come from in regards to Identity with Active Directory and SharePoint. Then we’ll cover what options we have around Hybrid SharePoint and Identity. Then we’ll assign some homework.

Week 2 we’ll roll up our sleeves and walk through setting up some Directory replication and Federation.

Week 3 there will be some tearful goodbyes and also some troubleshooting steps you can use when you’re using these tools.

This webinar is going to be a lot of fun. Go ahead and sign up today. See you there.




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