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July 09
Podcast 252 - I Don't Actually Work for a Living

In this episode I bring in my friend, and all around good guy, Kirk Evans from Microsoft. We discuss Azure, the cloud, Hybrid, and all kinds of fun stuff. Kirk lends a real air of legitimacy to the show, I think. I round things out by talking about what's new with Windows 10, Windows Phone, and a crazy little thing called Groove.

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Podcast 252 - I Don't Actually Work for a Living (Time 0_06_07;25)

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Transcription by CMSWire

Running Time: 1:00:39


03:36 - Kirk Evans from Microsoft
09:03 - What is Azure AD?
15:00 - SharePoint on Azure
19:30 - Azure AD Connect
35:30 - Are there any features that Office 365 users will see value in Azure AD?
40:23 -
41:40 - Azure AD Application Proxy
44:06 - Multi-factor authentication with Azure AD premium adds per-app MFA
46:10 - Is this all ITPro, or is there stuff for developers?
47:30 - Azure AD Graph API
51:27 - Microsoft reportedly finalizing Windows 10 RTM later this week
53:13 - Windows 10 PC build 10162 heads to Slow ring preview users today
56:00 - Xbox Music is now Groove
57:18-  Picture from Rod Trent
58:40 - Mississippi PowerShell User Group
59:12 - SPTechCon
59:47 - SharePointalooza

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