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March 05
Podcast 238 - I Blacked Out for a Minute

In tonight's podcast I talk about the new changes to the SharePoint patching model. After all the whining about that is over I tell the good news that I'll be speaking at Ignite in a couple of months. Then I talk about how to get your Claims provider to search for users, and how to find the users in your AD whose passwords are set to expire.

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Podcast 238 - I Blacked Out for a Minute (Time 0_06_48;22)

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Running Time: 33:32


02:49 SharePoint patches are no longer in Windows Update
11:00 - I'm speaking at Ignite
11:19 - End-to-End OneDrive for Business Planning, Deployment, Best Practices and Adoption Techniques
14:35 - Upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Ready for Cloud Potential
17:05 - Fixing People Picker for SAML Claims Users Using LDAP
19:30 - LDAP/AD Claims Provider For SharePoint 2013
20:30 - How to find Active Directory users NOT set to PasswordNeverExpires with PowerShell

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