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December 29
Netcast 228 - Straightforward, Except When it's Not

Tonight's Netcast is the last Netcast of 2014. I cover a couple of SharePoint topics, like how to sync identities in SharePoint Foundation when SharePoint Foundation doesn't sync identities. Then I talk about CUs and what they really mean by 'Cumulative.' Then how a recent CU added some functionality for devs, that we admins can leverage, too. Then I jump into some fun stuff about Windows tablets, like how you can get one for less than a meal at McDonald's (if you super size) and 11 things that will make you love it even more, if that's possible.
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Netcast 228 - Straightforward, Except When it's Not (Time 0_11_57;18)

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Running Time: 45:22


05:30 - FoundationSync 2.5 Release
09:00 - Amazon Fire TV Stick
11:05 - Sideload apps on your Fire TV Stick
17:30 - SharePoint 2013 Builds page
18:52 - Latest API updates in Client Side Object Model (Dec 2014 CU for SP2013)
22:37 - Using PowerShell and CSOM with SharePoint Online
23:48 - Insignia Flex 8
31:18 - blog post on 6 Windows tips
32:00 - blog post on 5 more Windows tips
37:25 - Qi wireless charging dock
39:10 – SPTechCon
39:11 - SharePoint Evolutions

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Fire Stick

Simply put...a GREAT little product.
 on 12/29/2014 10:48 AM

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