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December 18
Netcast 227 - This Vacation is Killing Me

In tonight's episode I talk about my new gig as an event model. Then I talk about a problem a listener had with SharePoint and a rogue SMTP server. Then I talk about the new SharePoint patches, and how to tweak SQL Server just right for SharePoint. Never being happy with what I have, I discuss some new things that are coming down the pike. I wrap things up by showing a new device I'll be unpacking for you.

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Video File

Netcast 227 - This Vacation is Killing Me (Time 0_30_39;20)

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Running Time: 50:47


06:45 - I was on the Ignite mailer
11:57 SharePoint 2010 December 2014 CU
12:04 SharePoint 2013 December 2014 CU
16:50 -Set Up SQL Server 2012 as a SharePoint 2013 Database Server
18:20 - Windows 10 Preview users will be able to upgrade to RTM
23:43 - Gabriel Aul's Twitter Page
24:45 - Office Sway generally available
26:23 - Skype Real Time Translation is available
28:28 Sign up to preview the Skype Real Time translation
29:24 - Gestures Beta for Windows Phone
30:39 - Australia gets Office 365
32:04 - My next toy
45:21 - Birthday Drive

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SharePoint 2013 December CU breaks incoming email

Hey Todd,

Have you heard anything about incoming email breaking for the November and/or December CUs in SharePoint 2013? I've installed the December CUs on a couple farms and incoming email is now broken on both. I did not read anything about that until after patching, and then I found some comments on Stefan's blog about it and a post on the technet forums about the November CU breaking incoming email.

I have a case open on it.
 on 12/22/2014 10:44 AM

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