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December 04
Netcast 225 - All My Data Went Poof!

Tonight's episode is the first time I've remotely brought in a guest, and it was a huge success. Shane popped in and helped me kick things off, then stuck around all night and harassed me. We talked about everything and nothing. We talked about working at Rackspace and how great Host Named Site Collections are. Then we talked about how to delete a file that can't be deleted and how I nearly erased all of my children's childhoods.

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Video File

Netcast 225 - All My Data Went Poof (Time 0_16_17;14)

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Running Time: 59:52


13:32 - How to get your podcast published in the app stores
14:32 - Snoopy and I on YouTube
18:45 - Work at Rackspace
30:44 - Host Named Site Collections article
32:05 - The MOSS Show
33:28 - Loopback Check Blog Post
49:50 - Birthday Charity drive
53:26 - Meme link

Brought to you by Rackspace




Thanks for exploring more aspects of HNSC. Hilton Giesenow @TheMossShow raised some very interesting "challenges" regarding wider administration. Notably:
Use of Host name files
DNS records
Search crawling
Loop back check
SPN and Claims
End user Group Policy trusts for Local sites

Clearly some careful planning required and subtle tricks to use HNSC and at same time gain efficiency of admin, and great user experience.

Shane and Todd commented this is how SharePoint online is being delivered, but there are still challenges to getting it working well on premises.

Mike Bunyan
 on 12/5/2014 3:49 AM

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