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October 06
Netcast 216 - The Al Gore of Scrum

Shane takes the helm for the second week in a row in tonight's episode. He brings in some help this time. First he talks about joining a new social site, Ello. Then he discusses taking Microsoft certs in your pajamas, and different docking station options for your Surface Pro. Then Jonathan bores us with what it's like to be a developer. He finishes up with how to make projects succeed, and why you should worry about Marketing, even if you're not in Marketing.

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Video File

Netcast 216 - The Al Gore of Scrum (Time 0_01_07;18)

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Running Time: 47:52


04:20 – Shane Joined Ello
15:50 - MS Cert exams from home
17:50 - Debate about docking stations for Surface Pro
24:00 – JPM’s SharePoint game
31:07 - JPM’s Twitter ID
42:00 - Offering you more culture and diversity this week

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