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June 05
Netcast 201 - Missed It By That Much

In tonight's episode I go through a list of handy tools that any SharePoint admin worth hizzorher salt should have at the ready. I also talk about a couple of cool PowerShell tips and scripts I discovered in the last week. Then I cover the latest hysterical bug with the SharePoint 2013 April 2014 CU.

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Running Time: 32:22


03:55 - ULS Viewer is gone. *sniff* *sniff*
04:32 - I have it archived
07:00 - Tools for your SharePoint 2013 development toolbox
08:28 - SharePoint Manager
09:36 - SharePoint Search Tool
11:30 - Fiddler
12:35 - Reflector
16:30 - Open Scripts in a new tab in the PowerShell ISE using PSEdit
18:32 - Copy all SharePoint Files and Folders Using PowerShell
20:00 - How to Upload Files to SharePoint 2013 with PowerShell
20:53 - Issues converting Classic to Claims in SharePoint 2013 April 2013 CU
23:18 – SharePoint 2013 April 2014 CU Notes 
25:45 - MS14-022
28:30 - Notepad++

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