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April 30
Netcast 197 - Almost 44 Megapixels

This episode was filmed at SPTechCon in San Francisco. I let my ugliest fan, Shane Young, cohost with me. Since this was recorded on the road I don't have my regular equipment and the audio and video aren't at the quality you've come to expect. Shane and I talk about some fun PowerShell tips and then dig in to Windows Phone. We show how to project your phone on the screen, how to make my Podcast more tolerable on Windows Phone and much more.

Audio File

Video File


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Running Time: 55:33


2:18 - Production Notes
09:10 - Open PowerShell from Explorer
12:02 - Assign value versus compare in PowerShell (put in your blog post)
12:53 - A World of Scripts at your Fingertips – Introducing Script Browser
16:20 - Project your phone on your PC
18:40 - Podcast playback speed
26:02 - Shane's new phone
41:02 -
50:00 – Shameless Self Promotion

UStream Premium Membership (no commercials during the live stream)
SharePoint 2013 Professional Administration

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