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April 16
Netcast 196 - A Boy Likes to Feel Pretty

Tonight's show is all about Windows Phone 8.1, with a little bit of SharePoint and PowerShell sprinkled in for good measure. We spend the bulk of the show talking about some of my favorite new features in WP 8.1 and how you can get it for yourself. I also talk about a couple of blog posts I've published recently. One on uploading files to SharePoint with PowerShell, another on how to encrypt credentials in PowerShell scripts so they aren't exposed in plain text. Good ideas all around.

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Running Time: 47:35


04:30 - The Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter 2.0
05:51 - Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Word and Office Web Apps Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2949660)
07:38 - Windows Phone 8.1
08:58 -
9:51 - Paul Thurrott's Blog
10:05 - Hands on with the new swipe keyboard in Windows Phone 8.1
12:41 - Action center
16:40 - Quiet hours
21:10 - Cortana
26:40 - Do you want to enable Cortana outside the US? Here's how you do it
29:00 - All you need to know about the Windows Phone 8.1 'Preview for Developers'
33:20 - How to Upload Files to SharePoint 2013 with PowerShell
34:50 - Save Encrypted Passwords to Disk with PowerShell
40:39 - Lori Gowin ( Blog | Twitter )
40:48 - Mike Robbins ( Blog | Twitter )
41:10 - PowerTip: Update Windows Defender with PowerShell
43:00 - Free PowerShell ebooks

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