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January 29
Netcast 186 - 50% Less Pop

Tonight's netcast opens with an introduction to SkyDrive's new name, OneDrive. We talk about how that will impact SharePoint. Next I talk about a question I got on my web site about warm up scripts. Then I talk about a workaround for a bug with the Performance Point Designer. Then we start talking about my second love, PowerShell. I share a PowerShell script I use to tag my Netcast MP3 files. I follow that up with a blog post on exporting Search settings with PowerShell. I finish it up by talking about how to use PowerShell to copy list from one SharePoint web to another.

Audio File

Video File

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Running Time: 42:51


5:10 - SkyDrive renamed to OneDrive

8:23 - Warm up scripts

11:08 - Trevor Seward's blog post on the ISS Warm up module

12:01 - Fix for KB2825647 released and verified

14:00 - Editing MP3 tags with PowerShell

24:25 - Changing the name of the Netcast

27:30 - PowerShell function to export mappings and crawled / managed properties

29:15 - Copy lists in PowerShell

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