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December 23
How to Set Up SQL Server 2012 as a SharePoint 2013 Database Server

I do a lot of sessions on how to install and configure SharePoint 2013, and for the most part they go over pretty well. I recently did that talk in Sweden at SEF and was asked by a member of the audience what I had done to get my SQL server ready for SharePoint. I thought that would make an outstanding blog post. Thanks anonymous SEF attendee! Smile  As I started putting pen to paper and scribbling this out I realized it was going to be quite long. After I got it finished it was too long for a blog post. It looked more like…a magazine article. I reached out to my friend Caroline Marwitz (Twitter) over at SharePoint Pro Magazine to see if it was something she was interested in. She was! It’s a Christmas miracle!

Last week she published the first installment of the series. I went above on and beyond for her. Not only did a write an excellent article (well, as excellent as I can) but I also recorded a video of me walking through the same process. You can read the article, watch the video, or both! What a country! So head on over to my article at and see what all the fuss is about. If you like it, leave a comment so Caroline will let me publish more stuff in the future. Smile

There will be a part 2, and maybe even a part 3, so bookmark the article so you can rush back to it to see how the story ends.




Windows Authentication question

Hi Todd,
First of all, thank you for all of the great SP content you put out there.  I am a SP newbie and it is like a gold mine for me. 

So I followed your article/video to a T to get SQL Server 2012 installed but was having absolutely no luck with Windows Authentication.  After banging my head on a wall for a day and a half, finally got it to work by logging in using SQL authentication and running a create login [<domain>\<username>] within SQL Now I can connect using Win Auth domain/sqluser no issues .  Any ideas about why I had to do this?  It is driving me crazy!
 on 4/2/2014 6:32 AM

Instance Install Directory

I have always been told to keep the Instance Directory away from the same Volume as the OS.  I don't know if this helps to prevent SQL Injection issues or just a space consideration for the OS drive.

As always, GREAT content!  Looking forward to Parts 2 & 3.
 on 2/26/2015 9:45 AM

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