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November 13
Netcast 176 - No Good Do-Dupes

This week's Netcast start out with me explaining what's wrong with this week's Netcast. Fun for everyone. Then I spend a little bit of time talking about some Netcast Hooligans that I saw last week. Next I cover some fun PowerShell stuff and a developery thing that was introduced in a recent SharePoint 2013 CU. Speaking of CUs, I talk about some exciting changes to Search that were introduced in the SharePoint 2013 October 2013 CU. Finally I talk about my new Surface Pro 2 and how I'm not smart enough for it.

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Running Time: 43:57


Metadata endpoint for SharePoint 2013 REST

Software boundaries and limitations document

Surface Pro 2

Dual monitor Plugable Dock

UStream Premium Membership (no commercials during the live stream)
SharePoint 2013 Professional Administration

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