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September 15
Netcast 169 - Less Likely to Destroy my Databases

Tonight's episode is two in a row with good audio. Yay me! We talk about some techniques I recently used to track down a pesky email issue. Then we move on to more exciting news about SharePoint patches and we found out which one was recently rereleased. On the heels of that I talk about my blog post that explains when you should or shouldn't install a SharePoint patch. Then I cover some new functionality in the Where-Object PowerShell cmdlet that might save a SharePoint farm or two. Want a cheap Windows Phone? I tell you how to get one. Then I spend some time talking about Windows 8.1 and the new Surface devices that are coming out.

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Running Time: 39:41


0:00 - Welcome!
2:34 - Troubleshooting email
9:10 - Hey should I install this patch blog post
10:47 - Aug 2013 CU for SP2010 re-released
11:59 - Which Patch should I use?
15:28 - Where-Object update
18:50 - Cheap Windows Phone
21:29 - SP2010 on Windows 2012 R2
23:07 - Win2012R2 and Win8.1 on TechNet/MSDN
25:42 - Windows 8.1 review link
26:30 - Free Windows 2012 R2 Ebook
28:58 - Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2
32:38 - Kindle Matchbook
34:36 - D’arce Hess fundraising

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SharePoint 2013 Professional Administration

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