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September 10
Netcast 168 - Diddling with Databases

Tonight we cover Steve Ballmer's abrupt departure from Microsoft and what that means for me. I cover a couple of fixes in the August 2013 CU for SharePoint 2010. Then I cover a way to rename your Search service databases, should you find yourself needing to do that. I helped one of my friends troubleshoot a SharePoint issue and I walk through that process in this netcast. Finally I get all excited that Windows 8.1 is finished and I can't wait to install it on everything, including my toaster and my couch. Oh, and the audio is much better this time.

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Running Time: 39:45


0:00 - Welcome!
3:30 - SteveB resignation
8:30 - Bunch of updates to patch wikis
9:50 - How to rename the search service application databases
13:45 - It's always permissions
17:35 - Georeplication of SharePoint
30:00 - Why my blog isn't on SharePoint 2013
33:00 - Windows 8.1
34:33 - Hey Scripting Guy blog
35:00 - Shameless Self-Promotion
37:00 - SharePoint Exchange Forum
38:00 - SharePoint Conference


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Georeplication Branch Cache

in the Georeplication section  you mentioned Branch Cache by micrsoft, but I dont see any links to info about it.  can you please add that.  Thanks
 on 9/11/2013 10:15 AM

Re: Netcast 168 - Diddling with Databases

@broken default.aspx on blog:
I had it a few times on my farm. Just migrate and upgrade the blog to UI 15 and ignore the errors. Then...
(SPWeb [url]).GetFile('default.aspx').Delete()
Enable-SPFeature e4639bb7-6e95-4e2f-b562-03b832dd4793 -url [url] #this enables the feature called "BlogHomePage". Hint, hint... all it does is provision a clean OOB default.aspx
Disable-SPFeature e4639bb7-6e95-4e2f-b562-03b832dd4793 -url [url] -Confirm:$false # disable this feature, because that's what microsoft does

fixed a few blogs on my farm, might fix yours
 on 9/14/2013 10:54 PM

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