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July 29
Netcast 164 - Some Schmuck From Iowa

Tonight's Netcast has better audio, thank goodness. That means you can actually hear me when I discuss exciting topics like troubleshooting Incoming E-Mail and how Windows patches continue to kill poor defenseless SharePoint 2010 servers. I also cover how you can leverage your PowerShell expertise to recover items from the Recycle Bin. No mouse needed!

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Running Time: 47:25


00:00 – Welcome
02:24 – Production Notes
09:56 – Email/Subscribe to netcast/feeds
10:35 – Incoming e-mail does not pickup e-mail on SharePoint 2013 and Windows Server 2012
18:06 – MS13-052 is still breaking SharePoint 2010
21:49 – Access the Recycle Bin with PowerShell (cached copy)
25:28 – Database Repair with STSADM
28:16 – Loopback Check nearly got me again
35:08 – Old Netcasts?
37:29 – Surface Adapters
38:25 – Shameless self-promotion

SharePoint Cruise survey
UStream Premium Membership (no commercials during the live stream)
SharePoint 2013 Professional Administration

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