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June 01
Netcast 158–Junked Up

Tonight's Netcast is jam-packing with chewy good SharePoint information. I cover some recent regressions in SharePoint 2010 patches. I talk about a recent butt kicking I received from PowerShell. (Thank you sir may I have another?) I also cover the workflow of deciding how to create a workflow. Then I should how to use PowerShell to check for Windows patches. I wrap it all up with a story on how you can get the SkyDrive Pro client without sacrificing your firstborn or buying Office 2013.

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Running Time: 40:40


Security Validation issue with page page layouts which had Managed Metadata fields embedded in them

Workflow stuck in starting state

Deploy by using DBA-created databases

Using Nintex Workflow to Create a Rackspace server

Using PowerShell to check for a Windows Patch

Download the SkyDrive Pro client

UStream Premium Membership (no commercials during the live stream)

SharePoint 2013 Professional Administration

TechEd North America

TechEd Europe

Brought to you by Rackspace



Move from Stsadm to Windows PowerShell


I just want to mention this great TechNet article that helps you to move from Stsadm to Windows PowerShell.

Stsadm to Windows PowerShell mapping in SharePoint 2013

Mahmoud Hamed
 on 6/2/2013 11:04 AM

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