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January 17
Netcast 141 - New Problems

Tonight's Netcast marks a turning point. Big changes are afoot. After nearly four years I'm finally shaking things up a bit and making some improvements. I switched my streaming to UStream, that will give my viewers a better experience and gives me more production options. I also broke out the chatroom to an IRC chatroom. The next couple of months will hopefully include more improvements. I also spend a bunch of time talking about my time at the New Media Expo last week, which was a big part of my motivation for the Netcast improvements.

After I get done talking about my Netcast changes I squeeze in some time to talk about SharePoint. I talk about the December 2012 CU for SharePoint 2010, and how the December 2012 Hot Fix for SharePoint 2013 breaks MySites. Another great example of how trepidation is an important part of applying patches to SharePoint. 


MP3 File

WMV File

M4V (iPod) File

Chat room transcript

Running Time: 45:38


SharePoint Netcast Home Page

SharePoint Netcast channel live on UStream

Mark Miller interviewing me about the New Media Expo

Hide the quick nav with a web part

December 2012 CU for SharePoint 2010 released

December 2012 Hotfix for SharePoint 2013 breaks MySite Creation

How Shredded Storage REALLY works in SP2013

SharePoint 2013 Professional Administration

Spence Harbar’s blog post on Central Admin

Installing KB2756920 (MS13-004) on Windows Server 2008 R2 RTM breaks SharePoint 2010


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