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December 10
Join me at PowerScripting Live on Thursday

The hosts at PowerScripting Live have graciously asked me to join them for their December 13th broadcast. Of course I jumped at the chance before they came to their senses. Their format is similar to mine in that it airs live and there’s a chatroom where the audience can mock me in real time. What could be more fun?

Since there’s a professional running the show I expect it will be much better than my regular Monday netcasts. It would be great if I had a good showing of people in the chatroom so that the PowerScripting Live folks don’t’ regreat asking me to join them.

The broadcast is live Thursday December 13th, 2012 at 9:30 EST (8:30 CST), the same time as my Monday Netcast. The URL to log in to is Be there a few minutes early so that you can get a good seat.

Thanks again to the PowerScripting Live folks for taking a chance on me.




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