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September 18
European Netcast!

Way, way back in the day when movie tickets were a dollar, sodas were 10 cents, and we all thought there would be flying cars by the year 1999, I did my SharePoint Netcast in the morning. It was a simpler time. Then things like “customers” and “work” started getting in the way, so I bumped my Netcast up to 8:30 PM. It’s been that way for a couple of years. Since then I’ve gotten feedback numerous times from some of my European friends that they can’t watch it live at 8:30 PM Central, as that’s 1:30 in the morning UTC. I understand, my netcast is barely worth watching at all, let alone staying up late for.

Next week I’ll be gone Tuesday through Friday at SPFest in Chicago. Those of you that download my netcast will recognize those as the days I procrastinate producing my netcast. Since I’ll be busy at SPFest I won’t be able to not produce my netcast. To maximize my procrastinating, and to show my European friends that aren’t missing anything, Netcast 130 will be recorded live at 8:30 Central (13:30 UTC) Monday September 24th. You’ll be able to heckle me live at the same URL I always use, This netcast isn’t open to just European heckling. If you’re a heckler from anywhere around the world, including the nerds that usually join me at 8:30 PM you are more than welcome to get your early morning mock on.

I haven’t decided on the topics I’ll cover yet. That’s usually decided a few minutes before I go on the air.

I hope to see some familiar European faces on.




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