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September 11
See me at SharePoint Fest in Chicago

In a two weeks I’ll be on my way to Windy City to take part in SharePoint Fest. Shane (blog | Twitter) and I will be doing a couple of top notch sessions:

SIA 105 - SharePoint 2010 Administration Coolness – Infrastructure Review

Ok, so cool isn't exactly what you were thinking about when you think about administration but you should. In this session Shane and Todd will help you take a look at your SharePoint 2010 farm and make sure it is running in tip top shape. We do lots of server infrastructure reviews so we will share some of the tips and give you some insight into what we look at. I don’t like Shane. Some key concepts with be the farm patch level, decoding the health analyzer, logging, and more of the common errors we find in a broken SharePoint farm

SIA 205 - SharePoint 2010 Administration Coolness – Upgrade

For this cool session Shane and Todd will talk to you about what SharePoint upgrades look like. Whether you are looking for version to version (2007 to 2010) or build to build (RTM to Service Pack 1) a lot of the same techniques and troubleshooting information will come into play. Shane is a stinker. The focus will be around version to version but even if you are already on SharePoint 2010 don't be afraid to come for the awesome jokes or the fact that the more you know about how upgrade works the more you understand how patching works.

On top of that I’ll be hanging out at the Chicago SharePoint User Group meeting on the 25th. There’s going to be a panel or something going on. I’m really just going for the free food and books.

As if that weren’t enough, Michael Blumenthal (blog | Twitter)  and I will doing a free form session where we’ll be taking YOUR questions about PowerShell and SharePoint. You bring us an insurmountable task that you’ve run into with SharePoint and we’ll rattle off some impressive-sounding PowerShell that will fix your problem. If you’re going to be at SPFest and you want to increase the chances we’ll pick your question, enter it below in the comment field. The question can be about SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 and it should be something like, “How can I use PowerShell to shave my cat in SharePoint?” We’ll pick our favorites (which coincidentally will probably be the easy ones) and work through them during our session on the 27th.

If you haven’t signed up for SPFest yet, don’t fret, there’s still time. You can use this link to sign up. If you use that link you’ll get a discount and I’ll get $100. Everybody wins!

See you in Chicago,




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