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July 30
Buy “Free Advice” as a PDF file

After many weeks of slacking on my part it is finally now possible to buy my self-published book, “Free Advice” as a non-DRMed PDF file. This opens it up to non-Kindle devices and to markets that Amazon doesn’t handle. Hurray!

If you want to buy the PDF version point your favorite web browser at There you’ll find a very convenient “Buy Now with PayPal” button. Go ahead, click it, it won’t bite. That’ll take you to a PayPal page. You can either put in your PayPal details or use your credit card. Once I get the glorious email that yet another person has bought the book I spring into action! I’ll create you an account and send you the username and password information. Armed with that you can sign in to and begin enjoying Free Advice like all your friends are.

If you have bought the book at Amazon, first, “Thank you” second if you forward your email receipt to I’ll give you, at no charge, a username and password to so you can grab the PDF copy as well.  You buy it once, you get it in every format I have available. That’s the Todd Klindt promise! Smile

If you would like a format besides PDF, let me know. I’ll see what I can do.




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