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July 05
Netcast 122 - Free Advice is Out!

Tonight's Netcast is another jampacked extravaganza. The big new, of course, is that I've finally published my ebook, Free Advice. I'm nearly as excited as you all are. After I finish gushing about that I cover my time at TechEd Europe. Then I cover a bunch of SharePoint topics including SSRS problems, SQL aliases, SharePoint Designer not connecting to SharePoint, uploading profile pictures and a great Search issue I resolved.

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M4V (iPod) File

Running Time: 38:24


Free Advice!!

SharePoint Integrated SSRS doesn’t like SQL Developer Edition

Microsoft patch to fix this problem with Datacenter Edition SSRS

SSRS and the database backends it can use

SharePoint Designer won't run in a low-RAM situation

Upload Profile Pictures with PowerShell

Delete User Profile Timer Jobs

Some applications and APIs require access to authorization information on account objects

SharePoint Server 2010 Search - not returning results but crawling without errors


Thanks for the Links!!

I listen to your netcasts on the road a day or 2 later, so posting the links to this blog really helps me find the stuff you’re talking about. I’ll be at SPC2012, so I’ll make sure I tell you in person. :)

 on 7/6/2012 11:19 AM


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 on 7/9/2012 4:53 AM

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