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May 08
Netcast 118 - Stinking Patches

Like last week, this week's netcast is bursting at the seams with SharePoint goodness. I cover a Kerberos "gotcha" that got me last week. Then I talk about why you should slipstream your own installs instead of being a lazy bum and using the SP1 installer on MSDN. I talk about why you shouldn't use SQL authentication between SharePoint and SQL. I debut my @SP2010Patches Twitter account where I'll tweet out when new SharePoint 2010 patches are released, and when regressions pop up. I talk about some basic email troubleshooting and the dessert of the netcast is an update on my self-publish, self-promoted, self-aggrandizing ebook. Oh, and I talk about best practices.

MP3 File

WMV File

M4V (iPod) File

Running Time: 44:36


SP1 installer in MSDN is broken

SharePoint 2010 Slipstream Guide

SQL Authentication Limitations

SharePoint 2010 Patch Notification Twitter Account

Best Practices List


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