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May 07
Netcast 117 - No SQL for old SharePoint

Tonight's netcast is chock full of meaty SharePointy goodness. I talk about a tool that can be used to migrate SQL Server Reporting Services. I also tell everyone about the April CU and remind folks to be careful. I break the news to SharePoint 2007 admins about SQL 2012 support, or lack thereof. Plus even more good SharePoint information.

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Running Time: 40:14


Reporting Services Migration Tool

Remove name.dll from your SharePoint site

No SQL 2012 for SharePoint 2007

SP Automatic Login

Add portal link to My Site


Add portal link to My Site via Central Admin

Add portal link to My Site via Central Admin
You can go to
http://<ca server>/_layouts/ManageUserProfileServiceApplication.aspx?ApplicationID=<appID>

Then go to “Personalization site links”. Any links here will go in the same place you described, even though the description on the page is

“Use this list to add personalization site navigation links to the My Site left navigation. Links added here will show up as navigation links after "My Personal Content" on the navigation bar. Use audiences to specify if a link should only appear for a specific set of users.”

Thanks for the good content on your blog and podcasts.
 on 6/29/2012 11:23 AM

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