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April 27
Netcast 116 - Lots of History

Tonight's netcast was a long one. After taking last week off I had a lot to cover this week. I started off by telling everyone about the new, and even longer Kerberos white paper. Then, for something completely different, I talk about the improvements a CU made to the User Profile Service. I also talk about a bug I encountered with FAST server and how I fixed it. I talk about a weird service application issue and I encountered. Don't worry, I beat it. Then I cover a couple of migration issues I came across. This one has a lot of great information in it. You might have to listen to it twice to get everything out of it.

MP3 File

WMV File

M4V (iPod) File

Running Time: 34:19


Kerberos White Paper updated

February 2012 CU improvements to the User Profile Service

SQL 2012 CU1


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