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April 08
Netcast 114 - It's Always Permissions

The good news is that tonight's netcast is almost all other people's content! That means it's probably better information than most of my netcasts. I cover a bug Keith Richie found with the blob cache. I also talk about why we should all get cozy with host named site collections. Kirk Evans convinced me. I also talk about another snag I ran into with the User Profile Service and how I fixed it.

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Running Time: 34:16


Item level security and the blob cache

What Every SharePoint Admin Needs to Know About Host Named Site Collections

Steve’s Dumb Blog

SharePoint Summit Toronto


Transcript Available?

Greetings Todd,

Are there Transcipts availalble for this post?

Kind Regards,
 on 1/18/2013 7:02 AM

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