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October 01
What I’m doing at the SharePoint Conference 2011

It’s here already, the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011. I’m sure, like most people, going to SPC I’ll be very busy. Here are the places I expect to be. Feel free to stop by and say, or tell me how bad you feel for me since I work with Shane.


I’ll be doing three sessions with my sidekick Shane. These sessions will be chockfull of great SharePoint Admin content, and the same old lame jokes we’ve been telling for five years. We paid top dollar for those jokes and we’re going to get our money’s worth.

SPC285 -  Understanding SharePoint Administration Part 1  - Monday 11 AM Marriott: Platinum Ballroom 1-5

SPC286 - Understanding SharePoint Administration Part 2  - Monday 3:45 PM Marriott: Platinum Ballroom 1-5

SPC375 - Planning and Implementing SharePoint 2010 Upgrade and Migration  - Tuesday 3:15 PM Marriott: Platinum Ballroom 1-5

Book Signings:

Our books are so awesome, we give them away. We make it up in bulk though. A couple of our vendor buddies have bought some of our books for us to sign and give to you. If you are okay with your free book having something mean and offensive written on it, stop by one of these locations and say “hi.”

Idera Party – Monday between 6:30 and 8:30 at the ESPN Zone

Rackspace booth – Wednesday at 3:00

Rackspace booth again – Wednesday night during the exhibit hall reception

Game shows:

Quest is hosting a game called “Bonk” and Shane and I will be showing off our SharePoint and bonking skills at their booth on Tuesday from from 12:00 to 12:30.

If you miss all those events, you can swing by the SharePoint911 booth (250) and say hi. Me and all my SharePoint911 buddies will be there handing out sage SharePoint advise, and a variety of farm animals in the form of stress relievers.

See you at the show.



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