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July 21
Netcast 85–Patchapalooza

In tonight's netcast I spend a lot of time talking about SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 and answering a lot of questions about it. I cover whether you need to install the Foundation patch first and other common questions. I also talk about how a GPO brought SharePoint down, a search change I made to my blog, and a couple of my recent blog posts.

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Running Time: 45:53

SharePoint patch builds and download links

Screenshot of how I slipstreamed SP1 into the install

Showing item counts in the SharePoint Search refiner panel

SharePoint Pod Show

Patching webinar

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SQL Server updates

We discuss SP updates regularly, but what about SQL server? Does this need updates or the occassional massage to keep it aligned with SP functionality. Does SP also push updaes into SQL server? I would hope not, but are we missing out on improvements that would benefit SP?
Mike B
 on 7/24/2011 9:46 AM

Testing environments

Hi Todd, would be interested to hear your thoughts on testing environments and where they should reside and your experiences.

Ideal vs real world for clients differ somewhat and end up with consilidated environments e.g. test / uat. Also test domains never reflect live as they generally dont receive the time / resource until needed. So things such as UPS (e.g. with mult forests) are not tested until sometimes its too late..

Perhaps one for the next netcast?

 on 7/27/2011 6:28 AM

Re: Testing environments

Hi Paul,
In a perfect world the environments would be separate, but that's not always possible in the real world. If your test and production farms share an Active Directory, that's not the worst thing ever. Just make sure they don't share any service accounts, including sp_userprofile. When I cover this in a netcast I'll tell a hysterical story about one time I didn't do that.

Todd O. KlindtNo presence information on 7/28/2011 3:16 PM

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