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March 09
Netcasts 72 & 73

Netcast 72 - SharePoint Lied to Me

In tonight's episode I try to make up for lost time and cover all kinds of topics. I talk about all the fun I had at SPTechCon. I talk about SQL aliases and how to wrangle them. I also talk about how to create a new Logging DB as well as how you can't trust SharePoint if it tells you a service instance is running.

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Duration: 37:50


Moving SQL instances blog post


Netcast 73 – CUs are Scary

In tonight's episode I talk about a couple of problems with the December 2010 CU for SharePoint 2010, the release of the February 2011 CU, a search issue I stumbled across and finally I expose how very little I know about SharePoint security.

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Duration 38:12


SharePoint Build numbers and download links

SharePoint 2010 Admin class


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