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January 26
Netcast 69–No Guests Yet

In tonight's netcast I talk about a very generous birthday gift, some methods for troubleshooting SharePoint and email, some very bad things you can do with SharePoint accounts, and how great the Web Analytics service application is.

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Running Time: 37:51



Web Analytics blog post

SharePoint 2010 admin class


new software

your web cast discusses a change to timer jobs possibly related to install of software. is it likely a software install would do this? if so there must have been an option to select the correct server account? if not it seems like a bad install by the app.

Mike B
 on 2/1/2011 11:33 AM

how to join web cast

are there instructions for joining the web cast? could not see any readily accessible on the blog.

Mike B
 on 2/1/2011 11:35 AM

no comments

interesting that I added a comment, but the comment count has not changed
Ubik again
 on 2/2/2011 6:46 AM

Re: no comments

Mike B,
All the SharePoint Timer Jobs run under the context of the SharePoint Timer Job Service in Windows. There's no need to ask for an account, that service already runs as the Farm account. I have no idea how common it is for software to add their own timer jobs but I can't imagine it's uncommon, or a bad idea. How else could software deal with period tasks?

Todd O. KlindtNo presence information on 2/2/2011 11:33 AM

Re: how to join web cast

Following me on Twitter is probably the best way to keep up with the netcasts. They're broadcast live at when I record them. It's usually 8:30 PM CST.

Todd O. KlindtNo presence information on 2/2/2011 11:34 AM

Re: no comments

I have content approval turned on for comments, so they won't show up completely until I approve them.

Todd O. KlindtNo presence information on 2/2/2011 11:35 AM

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