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January 18
Netcasts 66, 67 & 68

I’m obviously very bad at this production stuff. This blog post has the links for the last three netcasts.


Netcast 66 - Celebrity Netcast

In this netcast we talk about another UPS issue around filters. We also talk about how cool my new workflow blog post is.We also chat about about SharePoint and SQL patches and why they are such a pain. I round it out by asking for input on whether I should disable the mobile view of my blog. In tonight's chat room we had several celebrities including Ben Curry, Rick Taylor and Sean McDonough. I hope I didn't choke.

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Length: 33:43


SharePoint CU List


Netcast 67 - Don't Tell My Doctor

In this episode I gush over my new favorite book, "Building Business Solutions with SharePoint 2010," I talk about my adventure setting up FBA on SharePoint 2010, I give Seach Server 2010 mad props and I show off some of Lori Gowin's PowerShell mojo. Oh, and talk a little about why you should be excited about Content Type Hub Syndication. I hope the Oscar committee sees this episode

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Length: 33:12


Laura and Jennifer’s Book

SharePoint 2010 and SQL FBA blog post

Search Server

Lori’s blog post on using PowerShell to reset page to site def


Netcast 68 – Big Secret

In this episode we cover yet another annoying yet hysterical battle with the User Profile Service, importing photos from AD. I also cover how easy it is to back up all your SharePoint databases using a SQL maintenance plan. Then I announce some very exciting news.

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Length: 32:13


Blog post on SQL backups



No, you didn't choke :) I've found that mobile views are by and large useless--either no one reads the site on their phones, or the view comes out too simplified.
 on 1/20/2011 10:24 AM

Re: Starstruck

Thanks for the feedback on the mobile views.

Todd O. KlindtNo presence information on 1/20/2011 8:52 PM

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