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This is all the MOSS bits, with a trial key.
Get into the bowels of WSS with the SDK
Ths picks up where the WSS SDK leaves off.
This Codeplex project includes many things including enhancements to SharePoint's wiki, blog and a Windows LiveID authentication provider.
This Codeplex project has a lot of great functionality, the shining star is the MS IT Site Delete Capture tool.  It backs up webs and sites before they are deleted.
This a wide group of Features for SharePoint.  It includes such hits as "minimal master", "Log viewer", and "theme changer."
This Feature toggles the Debugger feature in web.config on and off.  Much easier than doing it all manually.  This Feature is free, but you will need to sign up at Ted Pattison's site to download it.
The fine folks at Bamboo Solutions have been gracious enough to provide this world clock web part to the masses.  Thanks guys.
I tell you, there is nothing, NOTHING, that Gary Lapointe can't do.  He's written over 100 extensions for STSADM.  I can't tell you how many times he's had an Extenstion that addressed an issue I was having.  Thanks, Gary.
Gary Lapointe has graciously created an STSADM extension framework and he put it up on Codeplex.  Use it to create your own extensions.
Need a little helping starting your carrer in SharePoint development?  You might try these Visual Studio extensions.
Want to see what MOSS has to offer, but you aren't the admin type and you don't want to mess with the install?  This is for you.  It's a VHD that will work with Virtual PC or Virutal Server and will give you a fully working MOSS environment to work with
This is like robocopy, but for SharePoint.  If you want to script copying files to SharePoint Document Libraries, this is the tool for you.  Thanks, Maurice.
This program adds a friendly UI front end to the Content Deployment API.  It lets you create deployment packages and gives you very granular control.