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Distributed Cache account


Hi Todd,

Thanks for all the great blogs. I cam here to ask about the Distributed Cache account, but looking through the comments I see that somebody already asked about that but it was never answered. Here was his question:

"Distributed Cache Account

Recently saw a health warning in my 2013 CA that stated:

The farm account is used for the SharePoint timer service and the central administration site, it is highly privileged and should not be used for any other services on any machines in the server farm.  The following services were found to use this account: Distributed Cache Service(Windows Service)

Browse to http://server/_admin/FarmCredentialManagement.aspx and change the account used for the services listed in the explanation. For more information about this rule, see "".

I don't see any issues with creating another managed account for DC but didn't see it on your list. Thoughts?

I found this peice talking about how to change it with powershell, scratching my head on if i should use this method or the one in the health warning if i do change it. 


 on 4/11/2013 9:43 AM"

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