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Good SP1 installed with MSDN/VL License?



I have a question about the SP1 that came with our SharePoint 2013 installation media through volume licensing. Your article here states that if we installed this version, even though the build number shows to be "15.0.4569.1506" we are OK. There is no Service Pack 1 package shown and no KB listed as the last screenshot you posted shows. However, when I was working with Microsoft on another matter, then informed me that we do not have the GOOD Service Pack 1 installed.

I'm a little confused as to which service pack we have now. We've been installing cumulative updates all along, thinking that our SP1 is good and now I'm not sure if that is the case. Is it possible that the Microsoft Rep just did not realize that our installation came with SP1 or do we have a bad SP1 that we need to fix?

The last CU we installed was the May 2017 CU, onto a test environment which was built using the same VL media as the rest. We did not have any problems with the installation itself, although the CU broke our ability to use the Reusable Content feature.

Can you help clear this up?


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