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HNSC to Web Application root site collection - Figured it out


Hi Todd, Hans again,
I figured it out:

Web Application: SP Host ( has about 50 host named site collections
and a root site collection at
The host named site collection needs to be migrated to a new Web Application SP IT (
(I was lucky to have every single site collection in a separate content database, if not you have to create some content database en move some site collections) is in content database SP_HOST is in content database SP_IT

This is how it dit it:

1. Dismount the SP_HOST content database
2. Rename to
3. Dismount the SP_IT database
6. Create the SP IT (http://it-acc.dll.corp) Web Application (Database SP_IT_Temp)
7. Mount the SP_IT content database to http://it-acc.dll.corp
8. Mount the SP_HOST content database to
9. Do some cleanup.

Best regards,
Hans Struijk.

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