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Category : SharePoint 2013 Preview

October 29
Putting shortcuts on the Start Screen for all users in Windows Server 2012
October 09
Using Copy-SPSite to rename Site Collections in SharePoint 2013
September 12
The PowerShell script I use to create Active Directory users
August 22
How to determine the SharePoint version in PowerShell
August 11
Using PowerShell to Set Up your App Domain in SharePoint 2013
August 09
Configuring the SharePoint 2013 Managed Metadata service for Navigation
August 05
SharePoint 2013 Natively Supports PDF files (About freakin’ time!)
August 03
How to create a Claims Web Application with PowerShell in SharePoint 2013 (and 2010)
July 27
The Forgotten SharePoint 2013 (Preview) Prerequisites
July 18
My First SharePoint 2013 Installation