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Category : User Profile Service

January 03
December 2012 Hotfix for SharePoint 2013 breaks MySite Creation
March 21
SharePoint 2010 Install Guidance
December 18
Changing SharePoint 2010’s Service Account Passwords
December 10
How to recreate SharePoint  2010’s User Profile Service Application without losing all that delicious data
July 07
Why SharePoint backups break the User Profile Sync Service and other mysteries solved
February 01
Importing Profile Pictures from Active Directory to SharePoint 2010
October 23
Service Account Suggestions for SharePoint 2010
August 24
Event ID 6801 “Invalid URI” with User Profile Service on SharePoint 2010
August 20
How to prevent users from creating MySites in SharePoint 2010
August 17
Why does SharePoint put those blasted GUIDs in its databases?
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