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December 19
Podcast 369 - Festive Fedora

Shane and Todd put on their festival Christmas hats for this episode of the podcast. They talk about some changes to SharePoint 2013's TimerJobHistory table and a good document on how to enable hybrid scenarios in SharePoint. Todd talks about a couple of cheap ways to get scads of OneDrive space, and Shane talks about .kill(), and other reasons to use lots of parentheses. They also do NOT talk about Star Wars, even though they really wanted to.

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Podcast 369 - Festive Fedora (Time 0_00_20;05)

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Running Time: 28:47


06:28 Changes in the TimerJobHistory table maintenance introduced in November 2017 CU for SharePoint 2013
11:07 Cloud hybrid search service (CSSA)-FAQ
25:49 Todd's Charity drive.
26:49 SharePoint North America Conference Referral code KLINDT




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Sharepoint Defined

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