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June 08
Podcast 340 - 47 Easy Steps

The Bandit is back, and we chat about it in this week's podcast. We start out talking about Todd's car and how it made the news. Then we move on to more important topics like why Write-Host is bad, and Shane is a terrible person for telling you to use it. We also cover the most recent online password management tool breach and what that means for us and password managers. We finish up by talking about Todd's latest web idea,

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Podcast 340 - 47 Easy Steps (Time 0_01_44;12)

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Running Time: 36:51


05:48 Murphy Is The Bandit
07:29 Bandit Outtakes
08:29 Write-Host is your friend
24:14 Three basic security hygiene tips from Microsoft’s Identity Team
26:44 The new Azure AD Admin Console is GA!
28:07 Which OneDrive?
33:25 Which OneDrive on Twitter
33:59 Office 365 Engage
34:45 St. Louis SharePoint User Group
35:04 SharePoint Exchange forum
35:29 Microsoft Ignite




 on 6/21/2017 3:21 AM

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Keep up the good work, man

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 on 9/11/2017 8:13 AM

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