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May 26
Podcast 339 - Skedaddle

In our first ever Tuesday Podcast, Shane and I talk about our favorite parts of the SharePoint Virtual Summit, including some yummy new OneDrive functionality. We also share a tool that you can use to create a bunch of content in SharePoint for testing purposes. A new SharePoint conference was announced last week, and we give you some information on it. We finish up talking about the new Surface Pro, and what we like and don't like about it.

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Podcast 339 - Skedaddle (Time 0_00_37;23)

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Running Time: 25:25


04:57 SharePoint Server 2016 and Beyond…
13:23 SharePoint Data Generator
15:55 A SharePoint Conference
18:26 The Next Surface Pro Has Leaked
21:36 Huawei laptop
22:03 Office 365 Engage
23:20 SharePoint Exchange forum
23:47 St. Louis SharePoint User Group



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