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May 11
Podcast 337 - A Little Too Much Hooch

As is often the case, in this week's podcast Shane and Todd talk about fashion, and hardware. They also find time to talk about PowerShell and some big updates to Azure Active Directory. The finish things off with a discussion about cord cutting, and how Todd has done it, and why Shane should.

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Podcast 337 - A Little Too Much Hooch (Time 0_10_28;24)

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Running Time: 52:47


11:31 Integer Sizes
13:12 Microsoft Updates Preview of Azure Active Directory Pass-Through Authentication
17:13 IBM has been shipping malware-infected USB sticks
23:02 Surface Laptop
31:08 No Surface Pro 5
33:03 Yoga 720
46:51 SharePoint Admin Training
48:22 SharePoint Virtual Summit
49:48 Office 365 Engage
50:25 SharePoint Exchange forum


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