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May 08
Podcast 336 - Cliff in Iowa

We taught a class last week, and we start this week's podcast out by telling you all about it. Then we cover some PowerShell topics, because everybody loves PowerShell. Then, what has turned into nearly a regular segment on the show, we talk about the latest in domestic spying, and how the spies are being found out. Finally, after the release of the Creators update for Windows 10, we discuss some of the changes in it.

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Podcast 336 - Cliff in Iowa (Time 0_00_47;24) 

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Running Time: 48:13


17:40 Azure AD and third-party apps: It’s a bigger deal than you might think!
21:42 Managing SharePoint Online Files with PowerShell
26:38 Top 50 PowerShell Blogs and Websites for Developers
23:00 Guidance for developing well performing SharePoint Online Portals
29:11 Flight Tracker app tracks "spy" plane
31:22 Space X launches "top secret" spy satellite
35:34 Microsoft cuts more features from Win 10 Professional
42:01 SharePoint Admin Training
44:26 Office 365 Engage


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