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October 03
Podcast 306 - That Darned Bit-edness!

Today we talk about cleaning up Azure AD and Microsoft accounts online. We also talk about the boundaries of SharePoint 2016. And finally we show you how to tell when someone is expert, or whether they're blowing smoke up your skirt.

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Podcast 306 - That Darned Bit-edness! (Time 0_02_14;29)

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Running Time: 33:57


03:22 Cleaning up the #AzureAD and Microsoft account overlap
09:35 Software boundaries and limits for SharePoint Server 201615:58 There's an easy way to tell if you're talking to an expert or a faker
25:52 Script for making 2013 Cus install faster
27:53 Shane's boring installing August 2016 CU video
28:22 SharePoint does not have a build version

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