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September 08
Podcast 304 - Assume a Secure Posture

In this week's episode Shane and I discuss the new SharePoint App coming out for Windows 10 and how it might even work on Windows Phone. After some playful ribbing about Windows Phone we talk about the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and what fun that's been. Security is a always a good topic, so we spend some time talking about SSL and how Edward Snowden thinks you should protect your email. We also talk about a website that provides an easy way to test your website with kitten pictures.
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Podcast 304 - Assume a Secure Posture (Time 0_11_46;25)

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Running Time: 30:33


05:52 - New SharePoint App coming Windows 10 soon?
21:20 - Place holders for web sites, Placekitten
24:01 - Test SSL on your site18:59 DNC is using Signal
26:39 - Two state election databases already hacked says FBI

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video file for 304 is 303 podcast

you video download file is a video of your 303 podcast and not 304 like it is titled
 on 9/12/2016 2:57 PM

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