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May 26
Podcast 294 - DED Dead

In this episode I tell the sad tale of woe of my blog crashing. Then I go on to happier topics like SharePoint 2016 exams, new versions of Azure AD Connect, and how Microsoft keeps your Azure AD accounts safe from naughty hackers.

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Podcast 294 - DED Dead (Time 0_07_58;00)

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Running Time: 34:23


15:55 - Microsoft Releases SharePoint 2016 MCSE information
16:27 -
19:28 - New version of Azure Active Directory Connect
20:55 - How we protect AzureAD and Microsoft Account from lists of leaked usernames and passwords
28:02 - Walkthrough of Deleting an Azure AD Tenant
28:38 - How Cloud Storage Compares

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 on 8/23/2017 3:31 AM

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