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June 19
Podcast 250 - System Tweaky Things

Tonight's Podcast is a busy one. I chat about a new SharePoint patch and another way you can keep yourself up to date on all the SharePoint patching fun. Then I talk about the Metro Skype client, the release of Azure Active Directory Connect, and a fun PowerShell trick I stumbled onto. I wrap up talking about password management, a fun topic for everyone involved.

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Podcast 250 - System Tweaky Things (Time 0_31_40;02)

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Transcription by CMSWire

Running Time: 38:08


02:22 - The TCT at Rackspace
11:24 - Kirk Evans
13:31 - MyProjectExpert
16:16 - Monitor Changes to SharePoint 2013 June 2015 CU page
18:41 - Metro Skype is going away
26:40 - Azure AD Connect to Hit GA This Month
32:03 - Jason Himmelstein Github Repository
39:30 - Lastpass was hacked
43:45 - Devolutions
43:54 - Get Password Vault Manager
45:05 - Get Remote Desktop Manager
47:53 - Iowa SharePoint User Group
48:20 - Mississippi PowerShell User Group
49:06 - SPTechCon
49:55 - SharePointalooza

Brought to you by Rackspace



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